Action For Recovery


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     I would again like to welcome you to Action For Recovery.  Allow me to introduce myself, I am Pastor Dennis Zimmerman, in the homeless shelter where I volunteer and run the program Action For Recovery, I am known as Pastor Z.  I reside in Painesville, Ohio along with my wife Crystal.


     I have been in the ministry for twenty years, in which during that time, I pastored a church for fifteen years, along with being involved with a homeless shelter Project Hope in Painesville Ohio.  I also served as a Chaplin for five years for the American Legion.

       The Lord laid on my heart years ago to help people who struggle in life with alcoholism, substance abuse, or different challenging problems.  To help find recovery in their life.

     Some people who are struggling over something, in some cases become less unfortunate than others, causing them to be stereotyped and not fitting into the standards of the rest of society.  I remember when my kids were little they watched at Christmas time a show called Rudolph the red nose reindeer. In one episode there was an island called the island of misfits. This island was for all the broken toys that Santa didn’t want to take for he felt that no one would accept a broken toy.  One day Rudolph tried to convince Santa to stop off at the island and pick up those toys, for a while Santa fought against it, then Rudolph said something that the Lord laid on my heart, he said: “even those who are broken need someone to love them too.” That is what this program is all about; the love of Jesus Christ to bring healing in your life.